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The Former Pro Showdown

The Former Pro Showdown is a game between former professional and high-level collegiate hockey players. Many reside right here in the Southern Maine! They graciously donate their time and put on a great show for the fans who attend Checking For Charity!

The South Portland Professional Firefighters and the charities they support are grateful for everything these players have done for our event!


South Portland Firefighter Classic

checking for charity 2022 vol,1 431.jpg

South Portland Firefighters are joined by firefighters from around the state for the Firefighter Classic. The firefighters enjoy facing off against each other and the camaraderie of getting together away from the fire station.

All the firefighters take pride in raising money for so many great charities and we thank you for your support!

South Portland High School Alumni Challenge

The Red Riot Challenge gives former South Portland High School players the opportunity to play together again and help us raise money for charity. There is a lot of good natured ribbing, telling of old stories, and the fight to earn bragging rights for another year! 

The firefighters appreciate the continued support from the SPHS Alumni!!!



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