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March 23, 2019

The 2019 CFC was a very special one for our South Portland Fire department family. This year's event was Dedicated to Lt Harry Weymouth who passed away in 2018, and we hosted his wife and children to honor their husband and father, while we honored and celebrated our friend. Nearly 700 people were in attendance, which for the Troubh Ice Arena, produces a great atmosphere!!  


We made some changes to the first game splitting the SPHS alumni and firefighters up to make two co-mingles teams to face off against one another. The results... It was a lot more fun to both play and watch. The game was much closer, and featured Maine Mariner's Coaches Riley Armstrong, and Anthony Bohn on the ice, and several Mariners players behind the benches.


We decided we needed some real hockey players to be part of the event, so we invited the SP Middle School hockey program to put on a display of their skills, and to teach the firefighters a thing or two. Now this is what the event needed and another facet of a community based event that is family friendly!!! The players did a great job, and really enjoyed having professional hockey players behind their benches giving some advice, or even just a "fist bump" after a good shift! 


The "former pro showdown" again didn't disappoint for the night cap! A really close game, and a lot of playful banter could be witnessed. Once again it was decided, we nailed it!!! The 2019 CFC brought in almost $25,000 that will be used to support many groups in need. The first three years brought us close to generating $50,000 for charity, and we have a full head of steam headed towards the 2020 CFC which will be held on Sunday March 15th from noon -3 at the William B. Troubh Ice Arena, will you be there???

Louie Rowe Mic'd Up

Checking For Charity 2019

2019 Checking For Charity Promotional Video



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